Google Chrome Update Version 56 Allows You Scroll Through Websites Without Fear of Page Jumps

Chrome version 56 is here to help you stop accidentally clicking ads when you're scrolling or tapping a link in a webpage on your phone. That's right, annoying page jumps while a site's still loading will finally come to an end with this new update.

This will be done via a new feature called scroll anchoring, which "works by locking the scroll position on an on-screen element," meaning that even when off-screen content loads, your screen will remain on the same part of the webpage.

This feature is also available for desktops, but its real usefulness lies in the mobile version, where the small screen makes a page jump more pronounced. The following video gives you an example of Chrome with and without scroll anchoring.

This feature was previously available as a hidden setting that needed to be enabled manually, but with this new update, scroll anchoring is finally on by default.
Google reports that this helps prevent an average of 3 page jumps per page view. So if you'd like to get the new feature, just make sure to update your Google Chrome app for Android or iOS.