Google Launches YouTube Go App and Here Are Its Major Features

Well, we all love to spend time watching YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the major reason why we run out of the data much faster than we assumed. Right now millions of users watch videos on YouTube because it is one of the popular entertainment means for users.

Well, two months ago we have seen Google tested YouTube Go app in 15 cities in India. The Youtube Go app allows users to view videos offline and download videos in low to high quality.
Youtube go works with little or no connectivity whatsoever. The app was launched on the Play Store. The beta version of the app is right now available for download on the Play Store in India. However, the play store page still refers YouTube Go as “Unreleased”.
The app was already downloaded 50,000-100,000 times at the time of writing the article. Well, YouTube Go addresses challenges of connectivity faced in India, with some smart features:

Download Videos:

Well, YouTube Go will let users download the videos at different resolution instead of streaming. Well, users won’t get the option to save videos in HD because this app was focused on consuming fewer data.

Share Videos:

Now you can share your saved videos with your friends without wasting any data. This will happen over Bluetooth. Both the phone needs to be connected with the help of Bluetooth and the videos will be shared straight from YouTube Go app.

Preview Videos:

Youtube Go had an awesome feature of previewing video. Well, this feature can solve lots of data. This option lets users preview videos without opening the video, users just need to tap on the video thumbnail and the app will show a short preview of the video.
YouTube Go app is right now available to download on Google Play Store in India. The app is still in beta phase, Google hasn’t yet announced any additional plans for rolling out this app beyond the country at this time.
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot
  • YouTube Go (Unreleased) Screenshot