How You Can Open Control Panel in You Windows 10

In this post for beginners, we will see how to open the Control Panel in Windows 10. While Microsoft is taking steps to move most of the Windows settings to the Settings app, many users still feel the need to access the classic Control Panel, as most of the useful settings are still housed there.

control panel windows

Open Control Panel in Windows 10

While there may many ways to open the Control panel, I will list below some of the convenient ways of doing it.
1] The easiest way to open the Control Panel in Windows 10 is via the WinX Power Menu.
windows 10 control panel
Right-click on Start and the WinX Menu will appear.
Select the Control Panel shortcut to open it.
2] You may also type Control Panel in Start search and hit Enter to open it.
3] If you know how to create a desktop shortcut, then use the following command as the target location and place the shortcut on your desktop so that you access it quickly anytime you need to.
explorer shell:ControlPanelFolder
You can instead, also use our portable freeware Handy Shortcuts to create & add desktop shortcuts in a click.
4] Another way to quickly open the Control Panel is to open File Explorer and click the on the small arrow pointing towards the bottom, just before This PC.
This will open a panel where you can select Control Panel and several other items.
5] There is another interesting way! Use our portable freeware System Folders Customizer to add not just Control Panel, but even the Control Panel applets which you need to access frequently.
open Control Panel in Windows 10
Once you do this, you will be able to see the items in your My PC or Computer folder.
You can also use our Windows Access Panel to directly access important controls or the inbuilt Windows programs from a single interface.