How To Use Perfmon To Generate System Health Report of your Windows 8/7/10 Computer

Most of us take special care to keep our Windows operating system running in top condition. We may simply let our Windows carry out the scheduled automatic maintenance tasks or use some good freeware optimizer software.

If you want to go a step further and find out the state of health of your Windows computer, you can use a built-in tool called Perfmon or Performance Monitor or perfmon.exe ….

Generate System Health Report using Perfmon

To generate a performance report of your system, open Run, type perfmon /report and hit Enter. The Performance Monitor will now start analyzing your system state.
Perfmon basically carries out the following checks:
  1. Checks for attributes of the operating system
  2. Disk Checks – Checks for disk status   Security Center Tests, for state of Security Center related information.
  3. User Account Control Check Windows Update Check    System Service, checks for state of system services
  4. Hardware Device and Driver carries put a survey of Windows Management Infrastructure supported devices.
Once the task has been completed, you will be presented with a list of findings.
Once the test is complete, you will also be able to export and save the findings via File > Save As.
The report is exhaustive and rather longish. The problems if any will be high-lighted in red, so that you can focus on only those issues.
You can use the findings to troubleshoot Windows problems.