Nintendo Reveals Date For ARMS-Focused Direct broadcast

Nintendo has announced the time and date of its next Direct broadcast, which will focus almost entirely upon ARMS. Offering an interesting take on the fighting genre, ARMS is one of the first new IPs Nintendo is releasing for the Switch. So far, a fair amount about it has been kept under wraps, but hopefully that all changes with this Direct live stream.

Nintendo isn’t giving us much advance notice about this Direct broadcast, announcing today that it will be streamed live on May 17 at 3 PM Pacific. That means we’ve got less than 24 hours to wait, so if you’re looking forward to the launch of ARMS, you’ll definitely want to clear some time.

While ARMS will take up the majority of tomorrow’s time, Nintendo is also promising that it will have a new Splatoon 2 trailer to show off at the end of the broadcast. That’s probably all we can expect on the Splatoon 2 front, since that game won’t be out until July. ARMS, on the other hand, launches next month, so it’s time for Nintendo to get the marketing machine up and running.

Judging by what’s been revealed so far, ARMS should offer a pretty unique fighting experience. While players can use traditional controls like the Switch Pro Controller, ARMS can also be played by holding a Joy-Con controller in each hand and throwing actual punches. We don’t know much more about ARMS at the moment, so expect Nintendo to go more in depth tomorrow.

ARMS is out on Nintendo Switch on June 14, and is just one game in a long line of first-party titles Nintendo has lined up for the Switch’s first year of availability. If you want to watch the live stream, all you need to do is head over to (or simply click the source link below) at the start time. Are you thinking of picking up ARMS, or do you need a little more convincing before you’ll shell out for Nintendo’s newest IP?

SOURCE: Nintendo