Nokia Plans The Launching Of All Their New Smartphones in June

Back in March, Nokia confirmed it would be launching its new lineup of smartphones in the US, but we weren’t sure as to when it would be happening. Since then, we have seen teasers and such regarding when these would launch, but have largely been left in the dark.

@nokiamobile are you coming to india in June or not? waste of time😡
@Manojvpl We plan to release our upcoming Smartphones worldwide before the end of Q2 2017. (June) Stay tuned for updates.

One rather upset Twitter user decided to ask Nokia’s Twitter account when the devices would be launched, to which Nokia responded that its devices would launch at the end of Q2 (June). This is great news for those looking to get their hands on another device from someone with the brand recognition that Nokia has.

Let us know if you’re looking forward to the launch of some new Nokia smartphones, or if you’ll be looking past these ones waiting for another option.