Noticed iPhone Ads Constantly Showing 9:41 AM! Here Is Why

Steve Jobs knew as Co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple inc was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor. If we talk about Apple products iPhone is an innovative thing itself.

So, iPhone users! This article is for you. We all love our iPhone but have you ever wondered about advertisement of iPhone showing 9:41 AM? Usually, we don’t observe those things. But here is the reason behind this logic.Why iPhone Ads Always Show 9:41 AM!

This idea took place in 2007. When there were assumptions about the official launch of iPhone at Macworld conference and Expo is at 9:41 AM.
Here’s Why iPhone Ads Always Show 9:41 AM!

Steve Jobs said his team to make the device’s introduction cooler by putting the accurate time he thinks he’ll hit for presenting the smartphone for the first time. It’s 41 minutes all-in-all. So, 9:41 AM was the exact time Steve Jobs introduced the smartphone for the first time.

Steve Jobs said, “This is the day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years”. Later, jobs got the media team at Apple to design the slides to show the iPhone showing 9:41 AM.