Samsung Warns People Of The Changes in Galaxy S8 Ahead oF Time

Last week, it was discovered that some models of the Samsung Galaxy S8 only have UFS 2.0 storage as opposed to the UFS 2.1 chips Samsung originally advertised. It looks like Snapdragon 835 models have UFS 2.0, while Exynos models and the Galaxy S8+ have UFS 2.1.

So what’s the difference? UFS 2.1 has higher available capacities, improved security, and lower power consumption. There may also be a difference in read and write speeds. This could mean improved performance for the UFS 2.1 models, but it’s probably not enough to notice in your daily life.

Anyway, people are rightfully upset that they don’t have a feature that Samsung originally highlighted. But it seems Samsung left themselves a loophole for such a change. Here’s a specific line that leaves changes up in the air: “absolutely everything we’ve described, promised or built may not actually be final.”

This isn’t going to make users feel any better. When you buy a device with certain specs in mind, even if they are small things like UFS, you expect to get those specs. Small print doesn’t make the situation any better. It would be better for everyone to list all possible specs upfront. How do you feel about this?