Video Shows Man Drilling A Hole Into An iPhone 7 To Turn It Into A Fidget Spinner

We must admit that iPhones always have impressive specs and always manages to deliver the best user experience. Previously, we have seen many speed test and drop test videos of iPhone(s)


Previously, we have seen popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro uploaded a video which reveals how many iPhone 6s required stopping a bullet shot at close range from an AK-74, the AK-F7’s 70’s born.

The reason why we are talking about EverythingApplePro is because the YouTuber had just drilled a hole in an iPhone 7 and then embedded a ball bearing to turn the latest iPhone 7 into a fidget spinner.

Well, it might be a complete waste of iPhones, but it’s something interesting to see. This could be the most expensive fidget spinner yet. However, we don’t recommend turning your iPhone into a fidget spinner because it’s ridiculous and a complete waste of iPhones.

As we already mentioned Youtuber drilled a hole in an iPhone 7. So, drilling through a lithium-ion battery is dangerous and will cause it to explode. You can watch out the full video here:

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