Apple Maps Will Now Have Indoor Mapping With Floor Plans For Airports and Shopping Malls

Apple announced today at WWDC that Apple Maps is about to get a lot more detailed with its inclusion of floor plans of shopping malls and airports. This will be a welcomed feature to Maps as users will be able to quickly see which stores the malls have and how to get to them easily. The feature will also allow consumers to know exactly where their gates may be to get to their flights faster, or where to grab coffee. These maps will be created for cities such as Boston, New York Chicago, Hong Kong, London and several other major cities, presumably with more to come. Propellerads

Additionally, Maps is going to get lane guidance and speed limits for driving directions to further improve the long ignored mapping service. These features come with a new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" option to get rid of potential distractions like text messages, making it easier and safer for drivers to navigate unfamiliar areas.