Exclusive: Andy Rubin's Essential Phone Will Only Be On Sprint

Andy Rubin's recently unveiled Essential Phone will be exclusively available on Sprint in the US, according to USA Today.

Rubin, known as the father of Android, worked at Google for many years, before moving to China to work for Xiaomi. Now he's back in the US with a high-end device designed to breathe new life into the concept of modular phones, and Sprint has the exclusive.

"I feel like we are a new brand and a new consumer electronics company and we are partnering with the network of the future," Essential President Niccolo de Masi told USA Today.

That doesn't mean it will only be available to Sprint customers though. Sprint will be the only carrier to offer the phone to customer, but it can also be purchased directly from Essential. Sprint hasn't revealed its own pricing for the device, but an unlocked Essential Phone bought from the company's website will set you back $699. It's set to go on sale later this summer.