Its Official! OnePlus 2 Will Not Be Getting Android Nougat

OnePlus is piling up the teasers to the OnePlus 5 coming next week. It is also piling up the questions and accusations it has to answer for the next time it makes a big pubic splash. Because while it will be putting out its latest and greatest, it will be prematurely putting to pasture a perfectly serviceable one. This is probably as official as we can get it (in)directly from OnePlus, confirming that the OnePlus 2 won’t be getting software updates anymore and that, in fact, this isn’t new to customers.
Its Official! OnePlus 2 Will Not Be Getting Android Nougat nougat, android, smartphones, technology, technews, tech, mobile phones,

OnePlus claims that customer service has actually been telling users that for quite a while and so they should already know about it. Judging by such users’ surprise and indignation, that might not be an accurate assessment of the situation. OnePlus has never made an official statement regarding the matter, which would go a long way towards closure.

Complicating matters is that OnePlus, mostly through that same customer service channel, did promise Android Nougat for the barely two-year old OnePlus 2. The startup defends this U-turn by saying that, back then, which was barely a year ago, it didn’t have the software infrastructure team to make true that promise. This refers to the period when OnePlus was still struggling to recover from its messy parting of ways with Cyanogen and its creation of its homebrew Hydrogen and Oxygen OS.

As OnePlus will probably soon learn, knowledge and acceptance are two different things, and customers might not be so easy to accept the matter. If they did, they would be giving OnePlus the precedent to make promises, only to backtrack on them by saying they didn’t have the team or capability they had back then. That’s not even considering the position that the OnePlus 2 is well within its life time to receive Nougat in the first place.

The one thing OnePlus has going for it is that the OnePlus 5 could effectively distract consumers from issues with the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3T. Aside from having top of the line specs, the OnePlus 5 will also be the company’s first dual camera smartphone, which comes with yet another promise of improved photography capabilities. That is, if it gets past scrutiny of how much it looks like an iPhone 7 Plus.

VIA: Android Authority