Massive Chinese-operated Click Fraud Farm Busted In Thailand

Spammers are real. Fraudsters too. And looks like these guys are becoming smarter and better, prompting them to build a bigger click fraud business. Business is good and so the fake click enterprise is built. This is what the authorities discovered in Thailand where three Chinese men were discovered to be running the business that includes smuggled SIM cards. They were also arrested for working in the country without work permits.

Three Chinese citizens were arrested in Thailand Sunday after a police raid uncovered a massive click-fraud operation of roughly 500 smartphones, mostly iPhones, and an estimated 350,000 SIM cards. The men reportedly

Niu Bang, Wang Dong, and Ni Wenjin were found to have been running the click fraud business from Thailand. You’d think that most of web traffic isn’t real because they are only bots and spammers but this business tells us there are real people behind every click. It just so happened that they are fake and done by fraudsters.

The three men rented a house in Thailand to set up shop of 500 phones all wired to a computer. Inside the house were nine computers, 21 SIM card readers, and about 350,000 SIM cards. At first, the police thought it was used for a call center but they found out it was for the operation of puppet accounts on WeChat. The three said they were hired by a Chinese company and are paid 150,000 baht (around $4,400) each month for the work.

The idea of click farm isn’t exactly new but this one is massive. We know there are more out there not only in Thailand, China, or Southeast Asia but also in other regions.