Microsoft Wins Desktop OS Battle Against Apple By A Massive Margin

Well, we must admit that there is always a tough competition between Microsoft and Apple. If we talk about the desktop operating system. Microsoft’s Windows OS is been winning the battle for a long time.
Recently, a survey had been done on this topic which clearly shows that Microsoft’s Windows is dominated once again for the past year. Microsoft Windows beats macOS by a huge margin and dominates the PC market.


According to the new statistic from NetMarketShare, Microsoft still doesn’t have any reason to be concerned that it’s going to lose the foremost position in the PC market.
Microsoft’s Windows is currently the reliable choice when it comes to computer operating system with a market share of 91.66% for the month of April 2017. Whereas Apple’s macOS is second with 6.25%.
As far as the recent performance goes, macOS started the year 2017 with the market share of 6.32% in January which dropped to 6.19% in the month of February 2017. Then it increased to 6.27% in March.
Image Source: NetMarketShare

If we talk about Microsoft, Windows started the year 2017 with the market share of 91.41% in January which increased to 91.76% in the month of February. It was also declined to 91.59% in March and finally recovered to 91.66% in April 2017.
Image Source: NetMarketShare

Let me tell you, the top Windows version right now is Windows 7, which holds the market share of 49.46%, while Apple’s most popular version 10.12 running on 3.59% of PCs. In fact, the top macOS version has fewer users than Windows XP, which has almost double its market share, with 5.66 percent.
After looking at the figures, we should consider that Microsoft will continue to dominate the desktop operating system market many years from Now. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.