RegCool For Windows 10/8/7 Is Advanced Registry Editor Software (See how It Works)

The built-in Registry Editor allows us to change Registry settings on Windows. It does its job well, but if you are looking for a feature-rich alternative to Regedit, you may want to check out freewware RegCool. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you get with RegCool.
RegCool  For Windows 10/8/7 Is Advanced Registry Editor Software (See how It Works)

RegCool Advanced Registry Editor software

RegCool Advanced Registry Editor software
RegCool offers tons of features related to Registry file editing. I have listed some of them below, but trust me, there are more, Apart from being able to create a new registry value, key or string, the tool offers the following:
  • Undo & Redo: This is a handy feature since a small mistake can break your PC down. The tool offers Undo and Redo features, and so you undo or redo multiple changes without having to find that key or value.
  • Search/Find: Although the inbuilt Registry Editor has a search tool, this particular option is much more powerful here.
  • Import/Export: Creating a backup of your Registry files before making any change is an important pre-reuisite. If you use this tool, you can back up the whole Registry or any particular key.
  • Take Permission: Sometimes, you might not be able to edit a particular value due to the lack of permissions. You can take or change the permission of any Registry key right from context menu.
  • Compare: Let’s assume that you have made a couple of changes but you forgot what you have changed. The toll lets you compare the versions to find what was changed recently.
  • Cut-Copy-Paste: The native Registry Editor doesn’t allow you to cut any key from one folder and paste that in another. But, RegCool allows you to do that.
  • Defrag Registry: If you think your Registry files arebloated and you need to defrag Registry Editor, you can take the help of this app.
  • Tabbed window: Let’s assume that you need to compare a particular part of your Registry Editor with another. Instead of opening them one by one, you can open two different windows and start comparing them immediately.
  • Add Favorites: If you need to open a key frequently, instead of navigating to it every time, you can add it as a bookmark. By clicking that link, the path will be opened within moments.
If you want to compare two Registry entries side by side using RegCool, here is how to do it. Go to Tools > Compare Registries. Following that, you need to choose two different keys and hit the Compare Registries button.
RegCool is an advanced Registry Editor software for Windows 10/8/7
To backup your Registry keys using this software, you need to head over to Tools > Backup and Restore local registry. After that, you will get a window, where you need to choose Backup to create backup or Restore to restore a previously backed up file. If you choose Backup, you need to select the entries or whole Registry files that you want to backup.
RegCool is an advanced Registry Editor software for Windows 10/8/7
Sometimes the “Permission” produces different problems. For example, you may not be able to change anything. So if you want to change or gain or assign permission to any Registry file, select that option first. Now right-click on that file > select Permissions. Following this, you should get a window, which will let you gain the desired permission.
There is an address bar visible in this app. You can enter direct path of any Registry file to open it quickly. The REgistry EDitor in Windows 10 v1703 oo has this option now.
There are several other features included in RegCool, however, you need to use it to get familiar with them. If you like it you can download RegCool from here.