Transform Your Android Device into a Game Boy and Even Plays cartridges

We've seen a few accessories for smartphones that either add joypad buttons or even turn your device into a mini arcade machine, but the Smart Boy, available via PQube in Europe, is best gaming add-on we've ever seen. It turns your Android smartphone into a fully working Nintendo Game Boy and even accepts old Game Boy cartridges.
Transform Your Android Device into a Game Boy and Even Plays cartridges

The Smart Boy is available on pre-order for £59.99 from Funstock Retro and has been released as part of the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program. 

That's because it works best with a Samsung Galaxy S8 thanks to requiring a USB-C connection. It is compatible with other handsets, though, from 5.2 to 6-inches, as long as they have a USB-C port on the bottom.

The device originally started as an April Fools Day joke in 2016, but was made into a real accessory after a flood of interest. It uses the smartphone screen to play either Game Boy or Game Boy Color games - inserted into a cartridge slot on the rear.

The dedicated app also upscales the games to fit whichever sized screen your using, and games are represented in their original tones. Both PAL and NTSC games are compatible, and the Smart Boy has its own built-in battery that lasts up to five-hours of play. It will also recharge through the phone's battery.

It has been available in the US for a while, but we're extremely happy to welcome it to these shores too.