You Can Run Linux On Windows 10 Without Enabling Developer Mode

The previous year, at Build 2016, Microsoft had shocked the world by announcing that developers can install Bash Shell on Windows 10. Well, this was made possible with the help of Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables (in ELF format) natively on Windows.

A few days ago, Microsoft released a new preview build of Windows to Windows Insiders as its regular practice. Let me tell you, the build has just brought some interesting changes.

The build makes it easier to run Linux on Windows 10. Previously, users needed to activate the developer mode on their Windows computer to run the Windows subsystem for Linux. However, users can now run Windows subsystem for Linux without enabling the developer mode.

Well, Microsoft also explained the reason behind this small step. Microsoft in a blog post stated “This restriction was first put in place to safeguard non-technical users from inadvertently using a feature that was, at the time, very new and not yet widely exercised. Over the last year, two major releases, and many updates later, we’re now much more confident of WSL’s safety and utility and want to enable more users to take advantage of this valuable toolset.”

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Users need to search for Turn Windows Features On or Off in the Start Menu and then enable the option ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux” to run the Windows Subsystem for Linux.