Another Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Just Recently Explodes! (Samsung Paid Victim)

If we take a look at the previous year, we have seen Samsung had stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7 and recalled the entire units of it because the phone started to explode after few weeks/months of usage.

Even hoverboards, iPhones and many other devices are also found exploding because of the defective lithium-ion batteries that are used to power the device. So, just when we thought we could put the whole Note 7 fiasco in the history books, new reports have emerged which shows that Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire in midnight.

The reports from idahostatesman says, Tony Morgan and his wife Theresa Morgan were sleeping in their bedroom when they found the exploded S7 Edge at 4:30 AM on June 25. Tony Morgan’s wife, Theresa also has a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, she said: “It’s like a gun went off inside”.

Tony Morgan said “We thought we saw smoke coming from behind the nightstand so I pulled it out and discovered that it was my phone. The phone was smoldering. I had to grab a towel to remove it because it was also melting and oozing some type of a chemical”

Tony Morgan took the phone and get it outside, he said that the phone was “oozing black goo and something came out of the battery” with a “pretty bad smell.”

Well, Tony Morgan was a software engineer, he said that he has two Galaxy S7 edge units at home, one of those was handled by his wife. He said that neither of the two units in the house ever encountered any problem. However, the explosion had destroyed the charger and left burn marks on the nightstand.

Samsung had paid Tony Morgan $944 in order to cover the cost of the phone and also offered to repair his nightstand which was destroyed because of an explosion.

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