Atari’s Speakerhats: The New Baseball Caps With Speakers (Become An Atari Speakerhat Beta Tester)

If you have been waiting for the time when you could combine your love of music with your love of baseball caps, then that time has taken a step closer now as Atari has announced its “Speakerhats.” As the name implies, Speakerhats are simply hats which come loaded with speakers built-in. At the moment, these hats come solely in the form of baseball caps, as Atari has not mentioned whether the technology and design will eventually be transposed to other forms of headwear. 
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In fact, detailed information on the Speakerhats is largely non-existent as Atari has yet to provide any firm specs on the speakers. As a result, a number of things remain unknown, including the quality of the sound that will be on offer. Although, the company has confirmed that the technology will be based on Bluetooth and so these hats will be able to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones. While some of the other mentioned features include a microphone, a 5-band EQ, a rechargeable battery, as well as support for the likes of Qualcomm’s cVc noise cancellation technology, and more. Likewise, Atari has provided some interesting insight on how it sees this line of audio products progressing – most notably a “Multiplayer Mode.” This is where multiple Speakerhat wearers can listen to a single stream together. To reap that last point, one user will be able to stream a song over Bluetooth and thanks to the “Social Synchronous Broadcast technology” everyone nearby wearing a Speakerhat will effectively be able to ‘tune in.’

At present, there are no firm details on when Speakerhats will become available, although Atari has announced that it is looking for beta testers who want to be one of the early adopters of the technology. Likewise, while no details on the price of a single Speakerhat has been announced, Atari has provided a broad indication of what the pricing could be. For instance, beta testers will receive an Atari Speakerhat, along with an Atari t-shirt, and an Atari Flashback game collection (for PS4 or Xbox One). Which the company states is equivalent to a $300 value. Suggesting that a single Atari Speakerhat will likely be upwards of $100, and maybe even closer to $200. In the meantime, those interested in becoming a beta tester, head through the link below and fill out the necessary paperwork.