Google Releases Cast For Android TV Beta Program

Casting to Android TV even when you don’t have a Chromecast is possible. Thanks to the Google Cast Receiver app that allows such to happen. It’s an ideal solution but it doesn’t seem to be ready yet for a wider release. Google needs to make adjustments and major improvements to the system so more people will be able to benefit from it.
Google Releases Cast For Android TV Beta Program

Good thing there’s the Google Cast SDK now so other developers can work together on different elements. It’s a beta program that lets consumers test the newest features. This way, apps with Google Cast can be tested. Make sure you sign in to your account on the Android TV device as well so casting will be faster.

The Google Cast Receiver app is now on version 1.26.93139. It’s only in its beta phase so there may still be bugs and issues to be encountered. It’s not exactly stable but it seems ready enough for you to sight more problems. If you’re interested to check and work on the firmware, report any issues and send them to [email protected]
This technology makes possible multi-screen experiences and content management from a small device. Inside the app, there’s the Google Cast receiver for Android TV platform. This feature usually comes pre-installed on Google-approved Android TV devices.
Download Google Cast Receiver from the Google Play Store
You can become a tester by joining the program HERE.