Hacker That Created Petya Ransomware Offers To Help Victims

Just when we thought that the destruction of WannaCry ransomware had stopped, another similar type of attack had been spotted in Ukraine banks. The latest Ransomware which goes by the name Petya is locking the computer of Government offices.
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The latest ransomware campaign is already created lots of havoc across the world. US, Europe, and India are the countries which have been heavily affected by the latest Ransomware campaign.

Researchers are doing hard work to find a fix for Petya. The have also termed Petya as a wiper, which is much more worse than ransomware. Researcher Matt Suiche, founder of security firm Comae had examined Petya and found that Petya is actually a wiper which is deleting all the first sector of the disk. 

The security firm, Kaspersky had also analyzed the installation id that displayed on a victim’s screen, which they say is just generating random data. The security firm says that the attacker can’t actually decrypt the disk after getting the ransom since it doesn’t have any decryption key.

The first version of Petya had appeared in 2016 and it was created by Janus Cybercrime solution. When the first version of Petya came in the spotlight, the Twitter account of Janus @JanusSecretary was deactivated. However, after the new version of Petya which is also known as NonPetya made the appearance in 2017, the Twitter account of Janus was reactivated.

@JanusSecretary resurfaced on Twitter late Wednesday, seemingly offering to help those whose files can no longer be retrieved. Here’s what JANUS tweeted:

The tweet was first pointed out by The Daily Beast, this tweet clearly shows that the hacker wasn’t involved in this crime. Several cyber security experts have also expressed the similar emotions.

Let me tell you something about Janus, he launched a darknet website which is based on a black-market business model called RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service). RaaS offers other cyber criminals access to a sophisticated ransomware-distribution platform.

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