NETFLIX HACKS: How To Turn Off Netflix Auto-Play on Your Phone

Hey, we all go on a Netflix bender from time to time, maybe some of us more than others. But here's the thing — it's not completely our fault. Netflix intentionally makes their content addicting and difficult to say no to with their auto-play feature. What are you supposed to do when the next episode is queueing up — move to stop it? Are you nuts? 
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Luckily for you and your sleep schedule, there's a way to disable this tortuous feature. Follow the steps below, and we'll make sure you get plenty of sleep before that big meeting, final exam, or whatever you need to be resting for instead of watching House of Cards.

Step 1Access Your Account Settings

Click on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of your phone to open the side navigation menu. From there, scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap "Account," which will open a website in your phone's default browser.

Step 2Disable Auto-Play

Next, make sure you're signed in with your Netflix account, then select "MY PROFILE." From there, tap on 'Playback settings," then scroll down and select "Auto-Play." Finally, deselect the "Play next episode automatically" option.
Congratulations! You've successfully evaded the binge-trap that is auto-play — though note that this setting will apply to all devices that share your Netflix account. The next time a nasty cliffhanger leaves you ready for the next episode to start, it will be you that has to make that happen. And, if you're anything like me, nothing kills a pseudo-addiction like effort. Ugh.