New leak shows iPhone 8 performance that completely smashes every Android

This afternoon we’re taking a peek at a set of leaked benchmark scores for the next iPhone from Apple. The device in question is the iPhone 8, a device whose final release date-set name isn’t finalized – and whose very existence hasn’t yet been confirmed by Apple. As such, take the following with a grain of salt – but also know that the sources we’re using here have rarely been wrong – or even really inaccurate – in the recent past. 
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The first part of today’s rack-up of info comes from the likes of Ice Universe, a leakster extraordinaire whose information has been relatively on-point over the past few years (under one nomenclature or another).  That’s a real leakster for you.

Today’s action comes in the form of a few results from Geekbench, and they tap the inevitable Apple A11 chip. This is the processor that’ll be appearing in the iPhone 8, or so we’re lead to believe. If this is indeed the chip that’ll be in the iPhone 8 – or even the iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus, the rest of the smartphone universe is in for a run for its money in performance numbers.

Above you’ll see a range of results for Geekbench’s top performers without the iPhone 8 in play. A range of numbers is leaked this week by sources – the range we’re looking at is between 4300 (single), 7000(multi) and 4600 (single), 8500 (multi) for iPhone 8. If this range is accurate, iPhone 8 will out-perform every Android thus benchmarked by Geekbench.

Below you’ll see a range of Geekbench scores for the best-scoring Apple products, including the big boss iPad Pro. If the above numbers are accurate, the next iPhone will have performance well above the iPhone 7, but still below that of the iPad Pro with Apple A10X processor inside.

Could it be that the iPhone 8 will just use another A10X processor updated in form for the smaller device? Or will it be a change just in name? Either way, the iPhone A-line of chips seem to clobber the tests presented by Geekbench in all arenas – already. And they have for quite some time. So here we are, again.

For more information on the next set of iPhone devices, including iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus, hit our Apple hub. Also have a peek at the timeline below for more information on the next big thing from Apple – that’s also the iPhone 8, or iPhone Pro, or iPhone Edition – or whatever you want to call it until Apple announces it officially.

The iPhone 8 rendering at the head of this article comes from designer Anthony Boyd. He’s got a whole lot of renderings in his collection, and they’re all available through his Anthony Boyd graphics page. That’s a real hefty number of 3D renderings in PSD form for easy editing for the masses.