New Radio Feature Will Be Available For Google Play Music Users Soon With New Updates

Google has now announced Officially that the New Release Radio for all Google Play Music users will be available soon. As per Google, the roll-out will begin in the form of updates on Google Play Store soon and may take a few days to reach all the users.
New Radio Feature Will Be Available For Google Play Music Users Soon With New Updates

Recently, we have seen latest The new radio feature on the Samsung Flagship Phones like the Samsung S8 and S8plus. Now Google has Officially announced for the update of new radio feature.

New Radio feature will have all the Latest songs that you can categorise in your own way.It will be updated daily based on your preferences and using Google’s AutoIntellegence feature, you can create a list of songs you listened to and save that to your playlist. It is a really useful feature and comes handy if you easily get bored listening to the repetitive songs all over again or looking for what’s new around.
On the New Radio content is updated on a daily-basis and lets you enjoy the latest songs without hassle. you can choose your own genre songs and even save them to your playlist. As of now, New Release Radio is available on the Google Play Music web player for most of the users, but it will soon be accessible on your Play Music app.

You can Have a Look At The Radio Feature On Google Play Store web browser Here:

There can be such chances that the New Release Radio does not show up in your Play Music app, then you need to update the app and you may add it to your music library from the web player. Once added, you will see it in your library of available radio stations.
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The New Radio feature Update on the app will be a great feature on the app as most of us prefer to listen to music from our smartphones rather than our Pc. so, the update is a big helpful feature for them who loves to listen to music from their smartphones.