Rapid Response Software Lets Companies To Quickly Recover From Ransomware Attacks

Recent high profile ransomware attacks including WannaCry and NotPetya have highlighted the fact that often the time organizations take to recover is just as damaging as the attack itself.
 Rapid Response Software Lets Companies To Quickly Recover From Ransomware Attacks

Network visibility firm Portnox is aiming to tackle this with the launch of Rapid Ransomware Response and Control as part of its suite of network access control (NAC) systems.
  Rapid Ransomware Response and Control allows for fast recovery by automatically disconnecting infected devices, as well as any that may be prone to infection or missing necessary patches, preventing the lateral spread of the ransomware throughout the network. By providing full visibility into all network devices it enables organizations to identify unpatched devices and those lacking anti-virus updates, these can then be automatically installed across the network.

It also identifies unmanaged devices, such as BYOD or contractor machines, which can't be patched and pose significant risk -- a major factor in the EternalBlue exploit attacks -- automatically removing them to a firewalled or segmented network with limited access.

"Complete visibility into the network health of managed and unmanaged network devices can prevent an additional wave of ransomware attacks in the future, and that, if attacked, organizations can effectively control damage to their assets by initiating automated remediation measures across all relevant endpoints," says Ofer Amitai, CEO of Portnox. "With Ransomware Response and Control, IT teams will release a sigh of relief knowing that, in the unfortunate event of a network breach, they have full visibility and control over the emerging and real threats to their network."

Rapid Ransomware Response and Control is available now. You can find out more and request a demo on the Portnox website.