Samsung Soon To Launch Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini With Snapdragon 821

If the big screen was the reason you didn’t find cool about the Samsung S8 or S8+, we might have some good news for you. Samsung is expected to launch a mini version of its Galaxy S8 series, known as S8 Mini for fans of small-screen devices.
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It has been a long time since Samsung has released a mini flagship. This happened last time in 2014 with the release of Samsung S5 Mini. No one has a better explanation why Samsung quit releasing mini flagships.But Now, we came across rumors of Galaxy S8 Mini manufacturing by Samsung.    

we know Samsung does not have a good history with mini versions of its flagship devices, but, we think it’s about to change with S8 Mini as S8 Mini looks like a promising mini version.

According to the rumor, this Galaxy S8 Mini won’t ship with the Snapdragon 835 that its American big brother has, nor the Exynos 8895 of its European counterpart. Instead, it will come with the Snapdragon 821 processor, which was launched by Qualcomm last Fall. The device will also have 4GB of RAM but its internal storage will be halved, at “only” 32GB of memory.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini is expected to feature 5.3 inches all screen display, but the handset would feel like 4.7 inches in your hands. Under the hood, the S8 Mini will not run on Snapdragon 835 processor but would be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of memory.

It would also feature 12MP rear camera besides including the famous iris recognition and Samsung Pay. Although the exact cost and the launch date is unclear yet, the device would first launch in Samsung’s hometown, South Korea.

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