See Video Of Petya Ransomware Spreading On Computer in Real-Time

A few months ago the world had seen the massive destruction of Wannacry ransomware. Recently, the similar type of attack had been spotted in some banks of Ukraine.
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The recent attack goes by the name Petya/NotPetya is creating lots of havoc across India, Europe, and the US. The researcher has described the latest Petya/NotPetya as a wiper, which is something more worse than ransomware.

According to the security researcher, Matt Suiche, the Petya is deleting the first sector of the disk. On the other hand security firm, Kaspersky had analyzed the installation id that was displayed on the victim’s computer.
Kaspersky claimed that the attacker is just generating random data. The attacker can’t actually decrypt the disk after getting ransom since it doesn’t have any decryption key.
We are working hard to cover all the outbreak and further development of Petya malware. Recently, we have spotted a video in Motherboard which was recorded by YouTube malware historian danooct1.
The video shows how Petya Malware spreads itself in the computer and how the malware works. The video gives a clear view of what happens to victim’s computer when the attack takes place.
The video shows the entire working procedure which covers the spreading of the infection, encryption and reboot process etc. You can watch the video directly from here:
In case if you feel that your computer is vulnerable to Petya/NotPetya attack you can visit our article in which we have discussed a free tool named Eternal Blues that was created by security researcher Elad Erez. The tool helps users to find out if their computer is vulnerable to Wannacry/Petya attacks.
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