Someone Posted An Original FBI Surveillance Van On eBay For Sale

Shopping for a new vehicle? You’re likely more interested in things like fuel economy or all-electric range than whether or not your new ride will come with a toilet and a rack full of recording equipment.

But if you’re looking for something truly unique to arrive in when you roll up to the club, you may want to get in on the bidding for this 1989 Dodge Ram 350 conversion van. The conversion, in this particular case, was into a rolling surveillance unit for the FBI.

This fine specimen has just over 23,000 miles on the odometer, and it’s been well-maintained. It’s got brand new belts all around, tires with 90% of the tread left, frosty AC in both the front and back, and a spotless interior. Hey, Johnny Law likes to keep his workplace clean. He also apparently really liked fake wood paneling back in the day.
The outside has a few dings and dents, but that’s all part of the clever camouflage. You don’t want your surveillance van looking too nice, or it’ll stick out like a sore thumb.
Just because this thing was built for surveillance doesn’t mean you have to use it to be a creeper. Why not turn it into the ultimate party van? With a pair of DVD players, two LCD monitors, not one but TWO dual cassette decks, three extra batteries for all-day power, and a toilet. Because you can’t be jumping out to pee in the bushes when you’re on a stakeout, this baby’s ready for whatever you throw at it. If you must be a snitch, be a snitch with style.