Sony Puts Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers On Sale

Right now the only way to get hold of Sony’s Aim Controller for PlayStation VR (PSVR) is to buy it as part of a bundle with VR first-person shooter (FPS), Farpoint. We’re eager for a standalone edition to go on sale but it looks like it already has… at least in Taiwan.
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Members of r/PSVR have uncovered a standalone version of the device that’s already hitting stores in Taiwan. It’s available online and was already spotted in-store too. It costs $1880 NTD, which works out to about $62.26 USD or £47.50 GBP. That’s not dramatically cheaper than the $79 RRP for the Farpoint bundle, which of course also gets you an extra game, but it remains to be seen if an unconfirmed localized release could be any cheaper.

We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if this standalone version will be coming to the west anytime soon. Fingers crossed.

Chances are you’re still hunting for a controller. The bundle has been out of stock pretty much since Farpoint launched back in May and Sony hasn’t responded to previous requests to find out more about fresh stock. That’s lead some to resell units at ridiculously jacked up prices. That said, we’d still recommend showing some patience instead of trying to import one of these units; you may still end up saving a bit of money. Plus Farpoint is worth playing and is one of only a few games to support the device thus far.