This Bezel-Less UMIDIGI Crystal Phone Getting Perfected Just Before Release

The UMIDIGI Crystal was first announced back in April of this year and immediately attracted attention due to this being another of the current crop of smartphones that boosts an all-display front panel. 
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In short, it is a new bezel-less smartphone from UMIDIGI. However, since its initial announcement, the UMIDIGI Crystal has yet to make it to market and now UMIDIGI is explaining a number of reasons as to why it has taken longer than expected. The takeaway – they are striving for a perfect bezel-less phone.

First up, UMIDIGI notes that in creating a bezel-less smartphone, there are some issues that have arisen which would normally not be encountered on a normal (bezel-boasting) smartphone. Two of which are the sound quality on offer from the speaker, and the strength of the signal. As a result, UMIDIGI has delayed the launch of the UMIDIGI Crystal to ensure these aspects are just right before the phone is released. Like for instance the inclusion of BOX sound chamber technology for improved sound quality. However, UMIDIGI also explains that while some aspects have proven to be problematic, there are also some added features that UMIDIGI is looking to also make just right before release. For instance, UMIDIGI is aligning aspects such as the the rear cameras, the fingerprint sensor, and the flash led light, to ensure that the UMIDIGI Crystal boasts more of an appealing presentation. While also hoping that these changes in design will further help to improve the quality of the signal strength.

UMIDIGI also notes that the Crystal has seen the inclusion of a breathing light on the front panel, dual rear cameras, USB Type-C connectivity, and fast charging. All features that have been included to offer additional value for money. That is, beyond the greater display experience that is already on offer due to the bezel-less display. As a result, and when taking into consideration the price (the UMIDIGI Crystal is expected to become available starting from only $99), the feature list on offer does suggest the UMIDIGI Crystal is going to be a rich phone for the asking price. In the meantime, those who want to be kept in the loop on the UMIDIGI Crystal development can do so by subscribing for more information through the link below. In addition to watching the latest video from UMIDIGI which looks to provide more details on the UMIDIGI Crystal.