Torchlight ( The Legend Continues) Has Come To Google Play Store

The Torchlight mobile game called Torchlight: The Legend Continues has landed on the Play Store two years after developer Runic Games announced the action RPG title. The developers confirmed the game during the E3 event in June 2015. As to why it was delayed for a long time until now, no explanation was given. But the more important thing now is the mobile game’s launch on Android phones in the Philippines, at least for now.
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 It remains to be known when it will come to other countries. Published by Efun Company Limited, Torchlight: The Legend Continues retains the unique style of Torchlight series for which gamers have come to love the video game, though a slight variation from the original series is noticeable, probably to appeal to mobile users.

In terms of equipment systems, the developers acknowledge the fact that Torchlight bears a striking resemblance to Diablo. Torchlight: The Legend Continues features random attribute, random skills, set attribute, gem effects, and legendary equipment attribute. The game includes three classes of roles, and six main skills are associated with each class. That means you can create different combinations from 36 skills and achieve 120 types of combined skills. Users can also combine skills in a number of ways and use different types of combined skills in the game.

Like the Diablo and Torchlight series, the mobile action RPG is also developed with randomness in mind. Randomness is clearly deep-rooted in Diablo and the Torchlight series, and it seems to be ingrained in the Torchlight mobile game as well. For example, users may encounter random monsters in every stage. Players can also go fishing in random ponds. This enables players to strengthen their pets, which come with the game in two types: featured and characteristic pets. Each pet has unique main skills and passive skills that can be applied to suit a player’s fight strategy. The game also serves up random monster skills, loot, and hiding rooms. Players can also create random maps and monsters by composing maps in Mapsworks. Each composed map can have a different map effect in accordance with the former maps’ attribute. It will then influence the monsters and adventure setting.

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