Wireless Earbuds Could Be Included In The Release Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is just around the corner, and Samsung may be looking to take a page out of Apple’s book with its release. Back with the introduction of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple announced a pair of wireless earbuds known as AirPods. Samsung could be looking to do the same, only it might just include its wireless earbuds in the box with the Galaxy Note 8, rather than offer them separately like Apple did with AirPods. 
 Wireless Earbuds Could Be Included In The Release Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

That’s according to a new report from Korean site ETNews. According to this report, Samsung has been working with a “small to medium” Korean company since the beginning of the month to develop these Bluetooth earbuds, which will be released as a complementary accessory to Bixby. The report from ETNews doesn’t say who Samsung’s partner is or how much we can expect these earbuds to cost.

It does say, however, that we can expect Samsung’s “noise blocking” technology to take center stage. While there are plenty of headphones out there that offer noise canceling technology, these Bixby earbuds will work a bit differently. Instead of blocking outside noise from reaching the user, this technology will allow for Bixby to hear voice commands even when users are in noisy environments.

An unnamed Samsung representative told ETNews that the company thinks these earbuds will be a “great help in improving convenience level for users who are using our flagship smartphones.” However, that same rep said that because these earbuds don’t have a concrete release date yet, Samsung won’t be revealing any official details on them.

It’s unknown at this point if Samsung will offer these earbuds separately or if it will package them with the Galaxy Note 8. It seems to be weighing both options, though, and if it decides to take the latter route, it could make the Galaxy Note 8 a lot more attractive to some potential buyers. With the reveal of the Galaxy Note 8 coming up next month, we may be hearing more about these earbuds soon, so stay tuned.