WOW! Firefox 55 Opens About 1500+ Tabs In Just 15 Seconds

If you remember, in the month of June 2017, Nick Nguyen who is the VP of Firefox division announced Firefox 54. Let me tell you, Firefox 54 has a multi-processing feature which is codenamed Electrolysis (E10S).
WOW! Firefox 55 Opens About 1500+ Tabs In Just 15 Seconds

Well Firefox E10S has helped improve the work efficiency by managing up to four processes. According to the recent test conducted by a Mozilla Developer, Firefox version 55 and 56 can handle “ridiculous numbers of tabs”.

The test had been conducted by Mozilla’s Developer Dietrich Ayala. The test shows that Firefox version 55 and 56 can process over 1500 tabs. Therefore, if you are among those who work on multiple tabs, then Firefox 55 and 56 would be the right choice for you.

Dietrich Ayala opened 1691 tabs to test the speed and memory of different Firefox version from Firefox 20 to 56. The test shows shocking results, Firefox 51 took eight minutes to open the tabs, whereas Firefox 55 took just 15 seconds.Image Source: Dietrich Ayala

The test not only throws lights on the speed, it had also shown an impressive change in memory usage. On the memory usage front, the usage has fallen from around two gigabytes to less than half a gigabyte.Image Source: Dietrich Ayala

Dietrich Ayala wrote “This is without actual web pages loaded, but look at this, haters: I’ve now got 1.5 gigs of memory to load web pages into that I didn’t have before,”

Well, to run so many tabs in a web browser, ones need to have either lots of memory or an optimized web browser. Firefox version 55 and 56 looks optimized. Dietrich Ayala further included these improvements in a Mozilla project called “Quantum Flow

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