Xiaomi To Begin Beta Testing MIUI 9 OS Very Soon According To Rumor

According to the latest report from China, MIUI 9 beta is on its way. Xiaomi’s MIUI team will soon begin testing MIUI 9 in the country, though the company did not share any info just yet, aside from a poll it posted on MIUI Forums recently. In any case, MIUI 9 is expected to bring some new features to Xiaomi-branded devices, and also a fresh coat of paint that would make MIUI even more modern than it currently is. Most of the company’s devices are now running MIUI 8, which was announced back in February last year.
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MIUI 9 OS is expected to bring the split-screen mode to the company’s devices, while the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature will also be a part of this update it seems. Optimized battery consumption is also expected, while MIUI still doesn’t feature the ‘Quick Reply’ feature, so that could be coming in MIUI 9 as well. Xiaomi still did not say which phones will get MIUI 9 first, but chances are that the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be first in line to get this update, as that is the most powerful smartphone Xiaomi introduced to date. Xiaomi will probably test this update on a number of phones, and if today’s rumor is accurate, various beta testers around the world could get a chance to try out MIUI 9 in the near future, though take this rumor with a grain of salt, Xiaomi still did not confirm any of this. 

Having said that, one of Xiaomi’s executives did recently say that MIUI 9 is on its way. That occurred about a week ago, and soon after that, the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, said that MIUI 9 will be ‘really smooth and powerful’. Now, if the company plans to begin beta testing MIUI 9, that means that the company will officially announce it soon as well. MIUI 9 was expected to become official back in February, but that did not happen, so Xiaomi is basically long overdue to announce MIUI 9. In any case, the company is expected to release some official info regarding all this in the near future, so we’ll see if they’re actually planning to announce MIUI 9 soon, or not.