Cappasity Just Releases Blockchain Market For AR/VR/3D Content

Cappasity is announcing its debut as a blockchain marketplace and incentive system for the creation and distribution of 3D assets and content, including content tailor-made for augmented and virtual reality. The whole thing will be kicked off by a base fund called the AR/VR Innovation fund, which is funded by the company’s capital and outside investments in the company’s start. This base fund will get developers on board with the platform, and once content begins being built, a reward fund will be built up over time. 

The whole system revolves around the concept of a blockchain, a running ledger that tracks, sorts, and stores all transactions, much like Bitcoin. The currency within the blockchain is called AR Tokens, or ART. 

The appeal of the system is twofold; first off, about 70 percent of ART that hits the system at start will be sold off to crowdsale participants, while 30 percent of it will end up going to creators early on for things like endowments. This gives both sides a boost early on, giving creators more incentive to innovate, and giving businesses and marketers more incentive to use the network’s assets in their marketing and customer connection materials. The second bit of appeal is the blockchain itself; there is total accountability built into each and every transaction on the network. On top of all of that, the system comes with embedded resources, including an SDK, to help developers get started creating the kind of content that buyers want, and to help buyers integrate that content into marketing products. AI analytics on both ends help to ensure that everybody is getting their money’s worth for assets that they buy or create, and users can access special heatmaps that help them determine how to approach content based on past performance.

Cappasity launched in an early beta form back in January, and met with relative success. With 3D content growing in versatility, utility, and ubiquity by the day, it’s quite likely that a large number of businesses and other entities will be getting in on the initial crowdsale of ART that will be happening on September 27. Funding thus far is sitting at about $1.7 million, and the goal of the crowdsale is to get that up to $50 million in order to allow for laying the foundation of an ART blockchain, and tendering enough ART to entice creators to the network, and give buyers the power to diversify.

source: coinidol