Check Out The Training Game Of KFC’s VR And It's Breathtaking

Colonel Sanders; beloved icon to the fast food industry, feeder of millions and, uh, secret sociopath? Judging by KFC’s bizarre new VR training app, that may well be the case. 

Eater revealed this new app, which is apparently being integrated into employee training programs with the help of the Oculus Rift (though it’s probably having a better effect as a PR stunt). It turns the process of cooking chicken into an escape room game; Sanders literally won’t let employees leave the room until they’ve mastered making the brand’s form of greasy goodness.
There’s a creepy Saw-ish undertone to the proceedings that genuine makes you concerned for your life as you roll raw chicken in flour. If you told us this was a tie-in DLC for I Expect You To Die, we’d probably believe you. Can you overcome your trials and solve your way out of this “delicious prison”?
We can’t comment as to the accuracy of the app’s depiction of cooking chicken; I’ve got a KFC just over the road and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a music box to help show staff where to place chicken pieces. We’ve seen plenty of VR training programs for major brands, but something tells us we’ll remember this one.