Chromebooks Are Now Having a Recents folder in the Files App

All signs point toward Google having some big plans in place for Chromebooks, and ahead of that comes a preview of an upcoming feature. According to a Google team member, the company is planning to add a ‘Recents’ folder to the file manager available on Chrome OS. This folder will be home to files the user had recently interacted with, making them easier to find.

The feature was detailed by Google team member Francois Beaufont, who posted on Google Plus stating that the folder is available on Chrome Canary now. Files that were recently modified will show up here; as the screenshot above shows, the folder is nestled between ‘Downloads’ and ‘Add new services.’

If you have a Chromebook, you won’t be seeing this feature yet (unless you’re in the latest Chrome Canary). This is one of many changes reportedly coming to Chrome OS. Based on details gathered from public developer destinations, Google Assistant will be arriving on Chrome OS alongside a dedicated Assistant key on a rumored new Chromebook model.

Most recently, we heard rumor that Google is working on a new Chromebook Pixel, though details are slight at this time. Meanwhile, the rumored Chromebook with an Assistant key is codenamed ‘Eve,’ and it will supposedly include a fingerprint sensor and a high-resolution display. Assuming gleaned details are correct, ‘Eve’ will feature a 2400 x 1600 display resolution and touchscreen functionality.

SOURCE: Google+