Google Finally Release YouTube Kids app for Android TV

We found out in April that a YouTube Kids app for Android TV was in the pipeline, and now that app is finally available. The app, of course, gives Android TV owners the ability to watch child-friendly content from the YouTube Kids service, rounding out the Android TV offering to make it a slightly more robust system. Whether the app is better than the new YouTube update everyone is upset about is yet to be seen.
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The YouTube Kids app for Android TV just went live in the Google Play Store, where anyone with an Android TV device can download and install it. YouTube Kids is free to download and use, just as with the apps that are available for iOS and Android. Unlike the regular YouTube product, YouTube Kids offers only child-friendly videos, allowing parents to let their kids on the service without worrying about what they may see.

This is the first ever YouTube Kids app for Android TV, and it is appropriately named YouTube Kids TV. The app is brand new and has scarcely been downloaded at this point, and so there aren’t any reviews in yet from users to report on the quality. The interface, as shown by the screenshots shared by YouTube, is simplified so that kids themselves can easily navigate through it and use the app without adult assistance.
This follows a recent update YouTube pushed out for its regular Android TV app, though that product hasn’t gone over well with users. Many Android TV users report buggy, limited, and overall frustrating experiences, choosing to revert back to the older version for usability’s sake. Hopefully the experience is different with the YouTube Kids app. Have you tried it out? Let us know how it went!
SOURCE: Google Play