here are some alternatives To The Dead NBC’s SeeSo streaming service

In late 2015, NBC announced the then-upcoming launch of a streaming service that would provide nothing but comedy, doing so at a small $4/month price point. Given the popularity of the comedy genre coupled with the tiny price tag, SeeSo appeared to have a decent chance at survival. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way, and the service is being shut down as a result.

One could argue that it isn’t unusual the service will be shutting down — after all, a lot of people had no idea it ever existed. Though the service did make its way to a number of popular streaming devices, including Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV, it never caught on in any significant way, and now it is shutting down permanently.

The service announced the upcoming closure in a post on its Facebook page, where it noted that many of its original shows launched on SeeSo will be making their way onto the service VRV. Where does that leave subscribers? With an entertainment void and the need to look elsewhere. Which services can suitably replace SeeSo?

Tubi TV
If you’re looking for a replacement that doesn’t cost anything, download Tubi TV onto your preferred device and head to its ‘Comedy’ section. You’ll find a bunch of comedy genre content on this service, all of it ad-supported so that you don’t have to pay a dime.

As with Tubi TV, Crackle is both free (ad-supported) and it includes a comedy section with free-to-watch comedy movies. You’ll have to deal with advertisements — that’s the price you pay in substitution for real money — but it’s a great option regardless.

If you liked SeeSo’s original content like HarmonQuest, you only have one option for watching that content now: VRV, a service you probably never heard of until today. This site is the new home to multiple SeeSo shows, which you can all find aggregated here. You can jump straight in and watch at least some of the shows for free, though VRV does have a premium subscription option.

Everything Else
Netflix, Hulu, and Comedy Central all offer a wide range of comedy content, too, though you’ll need to pay in one way or another. You can watch full episodes of Comedy Central content on its site (and some streaming boxes) now if you have a compatible TV package. Netflix and Hulu, of course, both come with a monthly fee, though the huge number of shows make it worth the slightly higher cost compared to SeeSo.