How To Use NoMatterWhat To Turn Your iPhone into a 360-Degree 6K Camera

The VR photography news does not stop. Earlier this month we discussed Oculus Co-Founder Jack McCauley’s move to Lucid, a Chinese manufacturer specializing in 180-degree cameras. Now comes NoMatterWhat from Spincle Inc. A cheap and easy-to-use set of 360-degree lenses, NoMatterWhat is available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Previously, Spincle produced a camera app of the same name. It allows users to create 360-degree mini-videos on their iPhone by automatically stitching images together.

NoMatterWhat snaps onto the iPhone and comes with a lens for both the front and rear cameras. The companion app allows the phone to capture light from both cameras at the same time. The two images are then composited to create a 360-degree image with 6k resolution or 19-megapixel resolution- seven megapixels from the front, and 12 from the back. The app allows users to view the photos in either a 360-degrees or in “tiny planet mode,” where all the captured light is used to create a circular 2D image like the one featured above this story.

Pre-orders for the $39.99 pair of lenses are open now and run until September 22nd.