Ken Okuyama's One-Off Kode 0 Supercar Surfaces Ahead Of Pebble Beach

Some would say that the ’80s were the pinnacle for super car design with vehicles like the Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Countach being hallmarks of the generation. Ken Okuyama Cars has unveiled a new supercar called the Kode 0 that channels some of that ’80s style using modern construction techniques and materials. The car was unveiled for the first time a few days back during The Quail, A Motor Sports Gathering.

The Kode 0 is a followup to the previous car from the company called the Kode 57. The designer wanted the Kode 0 to revive the proportions of those exotics of yesteryear with modern tech inside and the wedge shape of the Kode 0 certainly reminds of those cars with its wedge-shaped design. Power is from a naturally aspirated V12 engine.
The chassis uses a carbon fiber monocoque and the car weighs in at 1,550 kg, or about 3,471 pounds. With 700 hp on tap, the car should be fast and the designer promises superb handling to go with the power. The low nose of the car has integrated brake cooling ducts and the headlights are multi-layer LED units. On the back of the car are bespoke mesh covered ducts to expel the air used to cool the radiator.
Some of the proportions of the car remind me a lot of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Construction of the car was completed at the Ken Okuyama Cars factory in Yamagata using NC machine cutting techniques to cut and shape the carbon fiber body panels.
The press release says of the car, “Born from the latest aerodynamic formula, the unique and innovative detail infused into this silhouette creates an exterior that begs a second look. Incorporating a no-frills, back-to-basics approach, Ken Okuyama Cars realizes the Kode 0’s bold proportions through a simple, timeless wedge-shaped design.”