LG V30 Ads Video Poking Fun At Galaxy Note 8

We’re just counting down the hours for one of the major Android events this year but for LG, it is unsurprisingly a non-event. But for a non-event, it still took time to make not one but two short video clips that leave no doubt in anyone’s minds that it is poking some fun at the Galaxy Note 8. Whether all in good fun or not, the true test of LG’s own mettle will happen when the V30 is unveiled just a week after the phablet that it is mocking. 

The first video is admittedly open to interpretation. You simply see a man’s hand twirling a blue pencil between his fingers, which he suddenly breaks in half with his bare hands. He leaves the broken pencil, a possible reference to a stylus, on the table in the shape of a “V”, an obvious reference to the LG V30.
The second video, however, dispels any doubt that LG is taking shots at Samsung. Notice how the pen is pulled out from the bottom of the notebook. No real-world, analog notebook and pen is used that way, but Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones all pull out their S Pens from the bottom.
That last ad also implies “there’s a reason to break up with you”, perhaps hinting at the Galaxy Note 8. What that will be is something we have to wait for next week to know. It’s not that hard to understand why LG would want to so strongly distance itself from the Galaxy Note 8. Unlike with the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8, the LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8 are almost direct rivals spec for spec and almost in design. As it turns out, their biggest difference lies in that stylus.