LineageOS Releases August Updates, including updated security patches and a new WebView

If you don’t know what LineageOS is, we’re looking at you funny. Seriously though, this is the successor to the hugely popular CyanogenMod custom ROM, and a lot of custom ROM users have taken to the new project. They’ve come out with new updates recently, and a published changelog has made these changes known to all.
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This update to LineageOS brings with it mostly small things that average users may or may not be interested in. The highlight of the update is that the LineageOS 14.1 ROM is getting the most recent August security patches from Google, and that Chromium WebView is now updated to v60.

Other updates include the Lineage team’s continuing work on the Jelly browser. Improvements include a search on page feature, form data now not saved when in incognito mode, and media can now be played in full screen mode. The team has added Yandex as a search engine option, but Google is set as the default search engine, home page and suggestion provider.

Check out the full changelog in the source link below. If you are using LineageOS, make sure you are updated now to the latest version, which is usually available via OTA.

SOURCE: Lineage