Microsoft Releases A New Bizarre Video That Explains Mixed Reality In Animated Form

Still trying to get to grips with Microsoft’s concept of Mixed Reality? We are too, but this new animated video helps to explain it.

The Explanimators is Microsoft’s animated series for providing simple, accessible looks into its complex technologies. MR is the focus of its third episode, which runs us through a brief history of personal computing before arriving at 2017 to show what the company’s HoloLens headset can do. Our favorite part is the virtual projection of a family dog that probably died years ago, because there’s no better way to move past denial, right? 

The only problem is the video explains MR as “where the real world and the virtual world overlap”. Microsoft’s new VR headsets don’t mix the two worlds, but they still have the Mixed Reality branding. Yes, we’re still confused. We just got our hands on one of those headsets, though.