OnePlus 5 Mint Gold Is Underway

Autumn is coming, because winter is still far away. Though that may not be the reasoning OnePlus has, it might be the color that it has chosen. Over at its Weibo account, the Chinese OEM has just posted yet another teaser for the new color of its OnePlus 5 flagship. And this time, it seems to be more direct, talking about the golden leaves of autumn. Amusingly, it seems to have thrown in a still green mint leaf for good measure.

“Autumn Gold” is a plausible name for the OnePlus 5’s new color. That does seem to be in line with some rather strange developments in the mobile world. The Nokia 8, for example, might come out with a Copper Gold tinge. The iPhone 8 just recently got a rather shady leak of a kind of brown yellow gold mish mash that is totally unflattering under any light.

An equally possible name, however, is “Mint Gold”, which could be a more unique spin to that trend. The mint, or at least green, leaf does seem to imply that there’s still a bit of freshness before the golden leaves of autumn fall. It also coincides with a sighting at TENAA last June.

Neither gold nor green are uncommon, though the latter definitely has fewer cases, like the Nextbit Robin or one of Sony’s Xperias, which come with Mint hues. A Mint Gold OnePlus 5 is definitely going to be interesting. That is, if OnePlus manages to pull it off without a hitch in marketing or supplies.

VIA: Weibo