T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Will Likely Be Ship Sooner For pre-orders

Haste makes waste, they always say. But it seems that conventional wisdom doesn’t apply, or at least isn’t heeded, in anything associated with Samsung. It has started to launch its products earlier than everyone else, with some disastrous results, and it seems that T-Mobile is following that trend as far as the Galaxy Note 8 is concerned. Some probably ecstatic subscribers have reported receiving notifications that their stylus-toting phablet might actually arrive before anyone else. 

“Good news! Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 order is being packed and will begin shipping soon.” Those might be the best words that a Galaxy Note fan will want to hear or read. And those are exactly the words, more or less, that got sent to some T-Mobile subscribers, sparking hope that the Galaxy Note 8 will be in their hands really soon.

Officially, the Galaxy Note 8 won’t be landing in stores until 15th September, but T-Mobile does like to do good by those who pre-order devices by shipping them earlier than its rival networks. That said, while T-Mobile officially states that the Galaxy Note 8 will ship starting on the 13th, the text message suggests it could be a lot, lot sooner.

Depending on which side you stand on the Galaxy Note fence, the Galaxy Note 8 might be the best Galaxy Note yet or an exorbitant waste. It naturally carries the lineage of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 and adds a somewhat revolutionary dual camera on its back. On the flip side, the $1,000 starting price will be too much to stomach unless you’re already knee deep into the S Pen and those dual cameras.

The Galaxy Note 8 sports Samsung’s largest screen on a high-end smartphone to date, a 6.3-inch WQHD+ “Infinity Display”, and has the largest RAM of any Galaxy smartphone to date as well, at 6 GB. Its dual cameras, again the first of its kind in Samsung’s lineup, both have optical image stabilization and, among other things, can capture both regular and wide-angle shots at the same time, without having to choose beforehand.

VIA: TmoNews