You Will Soon Be Able To Control Windows 10 With Your Eyes

Microsoft has not stopped surprising in recent years and today has been able to announce one of the next big news of Windows 10. Yes, the tech giant Microsoft has announced that it will collaborate with Tobii, a pioneer in developing technologies that track eye movement to track what you are looking at in front of the screen.

This collaboration will bring Windows 10 users a pretty interesting technology that will allow them to do things like activate icons and move the mouse cursor using the view.

Some Windows computers already have an integrated fingerprint sensor, which made them start to have the same functions as some mobile phones on the market. For this reason, we can see that Microsoft tries to update as much as possible its entire computing environment, making it possible to outperform other platforms, and above all, other brands of computers like the tech giant Apple.
This is achieved with the use of a special camera that tracks what you are looking at the screen. The “Tobii Eye Tracker 4C” will be the first device to offer native support for Windows 10.
Although technology sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, it’s not something new. It is used in projects related to things ranging from video games to research in Formula 1. What is new is its arrival in Windows.
This technology seeks to make the operating system more accessible, especially for people with disabilities who can not use things like a keyboard and mouse. In fact, the communities of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and motor neuron diseases have also collaborated with Tobii and the tech giant Microsoft to make this technology possible.
Initially, eye tracking technology will be used in some accessibility approaches to typing and move the mouse pointer with the eyes. It will become a new standard in upcoming versions of Windows 10.
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