Dead Rising 4 Will Come To PS4 This fall With Fresh Content, Costumes

Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 4 will finally be losing its Microsoft exclusivity, as the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 5th, almost a year to the day after its release on Xbox One and Windows 10. With a full title of Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, the set will include all the game’s previous DLC as well as a new “Capcom Heroes” game mode, all for a price of $50.

As far as the new content goes, Capcom Heroes will let players dress protagonist Frank West up as over a dozen characters from some of the developer’s most iconic games. This list includes Mega Man, Street Fighter‘s Cammy, and Ghost Trick. But unlike the usual costume-swap fare, each outfit comes with special weapons and abilities, like Mega Man’s arm cannon.  

Dead Rising 4‘s various add-on packs are included, so players will get the “Frank Rising” story expansion, the Super Ultra Mini Golf mode, and several new costumes and weapons that were released in the year since the game’s 2016 debut.

Xbox One and PC players need not worry, however, as the new Capcom Heroes mode will be made available as a free update on these platforms at the same time as the PS4 release.