Electric Bentley sports car Will Soon Be Release

Bentley boss confirms electric sports car is on the way, chosen instead of an additional SUV

Bentley has confirmed that it will build a new fully electric sports car, which will arrive towards the end of the decade. The car will be Bentley’s fifth model line and has been favoured over an additional, smaller SUV that was also on the table.

Speaking at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said: “At present a smaller SUV is not in the plan anymore and we favour a car with a full electric drivetrain – this is the direction we are heading.

“We intend to be the leader in electrification in the luxury segment – it fits with the Bentley motoring scheme,” Durheimer added. “The first car that we will introduce will be the Bentayga with a V6 plug-in hybrid - this powertrain will also be brought into the Continental and Flying Spur.” 

The new car is understood to be several years away from production, but Durheimer confirmed that a Bentley EV would be based on the same J1 platform that will underpin Porsche’s upcoming Mission E saloon, and will be four-wheel drive. Durheimer previously told Auto Express that the EV will have “around 600bhp” and we “go 450-500km (up to 310 miles) without being recharged.”

Bentley is also working on inductive charging technology that will allow owners to do away with conventional charging cables, which are not deemed luxurious enough for customers. “Luxury and performance is not going to stop with electric drivetrains," Durheimer told us. "To our customer base we say, ‘We have a good answer, don’t worry about it.'"

The electric Bentley will continue to adopt conventional design details such as a radiator grille and air vents, while the concept car gave us a glimpse of “futuristic Bentley design DNA.”

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