Google's Media Streaming Device Just Hit The FCC

A media streaming device from Google has just hit the FCC which means it’s possible and likely that Google’s October 4th event may have yet another device that will be unveiled, and this is in addition to the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel Book, Google Home Mini, and 2nd Gen. Daydream View headset. At this point in time there isn’t a name for this media streaming device, so it’s not entirely clear what the device is exactly, save for the category of product that it fits into. Since it’s for media streaming, though, there’s a good chance that it will be the Google Home Mini speaker that was just leaked yesterday.
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The FCC documentation gives up very little in the way of telling information, but it does offer up the model number of the device which is labeled as H0A. There’s also a picture of the FCC ID label, showing a drawn diagram of the bottom of the device where the label will be located. This doesn’t bring much light to what the device is, but it does indicate that the device will be round, or at least the base will be round, just like the Google Home Mini that was seen in yesterday’s leaked images. 

While there isn’t much information about the product, there is some potentially interesting wording being used in the documentation that sort of describes the product without actually letting on what it will be. In addition to calling it a “media streaming device” the documentation states that it’s interactive, and classifies it as a tabletop device while stating that it would be placed on a tabletop during operation. This is interesting because the Google Home Mini will be an interactive device and it will sit on a tabletop just like the original Google Home. If you look at the design of the Google Home Mini, as mentioned above it is round in shape, as is its base, and it is technically a media streaming device as it will be able to stream music. That said, there’s always a small possibility that it could be something else, but it isn’t likely. If this is the Google Home Mini, now that it would be FCC certified, it would seem that it’s just about ready for a public reveal, and October 4th is just a couple of weeks away.

Source: FCC